Jul 25, 2010

Review: Hakugen Oil Blotter

I didn't have any experience with oil blotter except a local cheap brand called ovale oil paper.. And it suck.. The paper is so tiny, easily broken, and didn't absorp the oil in my face as good as i hope.. And you need a lot of sheets to get your oil free face.. Even a tissue paper can do better than this oil paper.. So, absolutely i didn't repurchase this product and start blotting my face with tissue paper until this evening when i bought this hakugen oil blotter..

Few days ago, i have chat with some friends about oil blotter at Forum.. And i just realize, there are some good oil blotter brand like clean & clear, acness, and hakugen that i've never know before.. (Ohh come on phong,, where have you been all this time?? MySpace) All this time, instead of use those oil blotter, i used tissue paper to blot my face.. Okey ladies,, I feel so outdated at that time.. MySpace

Then, some of them recommended hakugen oil blotter as the best from those three brand.. And i decided to bought it at Guardian when i go to the mall last night.. When i came home, i try that oil blotter straightway.. And here is my review..

- The paper (If I can say that way, bcoz this sheet is more like rubber..) is thick and hard to broken..
*If you are a dentist or a dentistry student, this sheet will remind you of rubber dam sheet..
- It can absorb oil in your face quickly
- 1 sheet is enough to make my T-zone free of oil..

This is the picture of new and used hakugen oil blotter.. (Excuse me for the oil on that sheet.. MySpace)

Recomend? Yes.. If you have oily skin of course..
Repurchase? Yes..

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