Aug 6, 2010

My Birthday Cake

Some days ago was my 23th b'day..
I hate getting older.. There such alot of thing that I'm not doing yet, and now suddenly I'm 23 years old.. Gosh,, time is really a bitch..

Oke,, forget about the age.. At my birthday yesterday, my pals made a suprise for me..
When I was eating at "warung sup kaki kambing" with a friend ( or "goat's foot soup booth" if i translate it -- it's an indonesian food of course.. sound weird yeah? LOL.. But it's delicious, believe me..), the other friends came and surprise me by brought a huge cake..
Look at the cake,, it was so me isn't it? LOL..

The topping on the cake was kind of candy in make-up shape.. Powder, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, lipstick..

I looooove the cake sooo muchh.. Thanks gurls, anyway.. Luv U all.. MySpace

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Riri (Hajjar Katwari) said...
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Riri (Hajjar Katwari) said...

so cute!!!
and happy birthday
two thumbs up for all your friend

Jenny Jule said...

Lucu banget kue nya :D

Ephong said...

@ Jen
Iyaa.. Aku ga nyangka temen2ku bakal mesenin kue beginian.. :p


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