Aug 6, 2010

My Birthday Cake

Some days ago was my 23th b'day..
I hate getting older.. There such alot of thing that I'm not doing yet, and now suddenly I'm 23 years old.. Gosh,, time is really a bitch..

Oke,, forget about the age.. At my birthday yesterday, my pals made a suprise for me..
When I was eating at "warung sup kaki kambing" with a friend ( or "goat's foot soup booth" if i translate it -- it's an indonesian food of course.. sound weird yeah? LOL.. But it's delicious, believe me..), the other friends came and surprise me by brought a huge cake..
Look at the cake,, it was so me isn't it? LOL..

The topping on the cake was kind of candy in make-up shape.. Powder, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, lipstick..

I looooove the cake sooo muchh.. Thanks gurls, anyway.. Luv U all.. MySpace

Jul 25, 2010

Review: Hakugen Oil Blotter

I didn't have any experience with oil blotter except a local cheap brand called ovale oil paper.. And it suck.. The paper is so tiny, easily broken, and didn't absorp the oil in my face as good as i hope.. And you need a lot of sheets to get your oil free face.. Even a tissue paper can do better than this oil paper.. So, absolutely i didn't repurchase this product and start blotting my face with tissue paper until this evening when i bought this hakugen oil blotter..

Few days ago, i have chat with some friends about oil blotter at Forum.. And i just realize, there are some good oil blotter brand like clean & clear, acness, and hakugen that i've never know before.. (Ohh come on phong,, where have you been all this time?? MySpace) All this time, instead of use those oil blotter, i used tissue paper to blot my face.. Okey ladies,, I feel so outdated at that time.. MySpace

Then, some of them recommended hakugen oil blotter as the best from those three brand.. And i decided to bought it at Guardian when i go to the mall last night.. When i came home, i try that oil blotter straightway.. And here is my review..

- The paper (If I can say that way, bcoz this sheet is more like rubber..) is thick and hard to broken..
*If you are a dentist or a dentistry student, this sheet will remind you of rubber dam sheet..
- It can absorb oil in your face quickly
- 1 sheet is enough to make my T-zone free of oil..

This is the picture of new and used hakugen oil blotter.. (Excuse me for the oil on that sheet.. MySpace)

Recomend? Yes.. If you have oily skin of course..
Repurchase? Yes..
Jul 17, 2010

FOTD: Brown

Wow.. I've just realize it's been more than a month from my last post.. What a bad blogger I am.. MySpace
I've been so busy finishing my thesis, so I didn't have a lot of time to blogging.. This post is just a quick update about my FOTD couple weeks ago..

- Monistat chafing relief gel
- NYX concelaler in jar orange
- MAC studio fix fluid
- Sariayu loose powder
- Pureluxe silica powder

- Milani luminous blush
- Elf duo blush and bronzing powder
- NYX mosaic powder blush in latte for contouring

- Lipsmacker A&W
- Revlon super lustrous in almost nude
- Sariayu lipstick in toba2
- NYX megashine lipgloss in smokey look

- ELF mineral eyeshadow primer
- Milani runaway fashion shadow in designer brown (chocolate n pink)
- NYX runaway palette in jazz night (purple n hilite)
- TSF choco jam liner in dip black
- Revlon colorstay eyeliner pencil in black
- Maybelline volum express cat eyes mascara
- ELF eyebrow kit in dark

So, that's all.. Sorry for the picture's bad quality by the way..
May 26, 2010

June Giveaways

Just try my luck again for these great giveaways.. *crossfingered*

End: June, 1st

End: June, 1st

End: June, 4th

End: June, 5th

End: June, 16th

End: June, 16th

End: June, 16th

End: June, 20th

May 25, 2010

Review: The Infamous NYX Round Lipstick

Holaa.. I'm back.. Aha..
Now I'm gonna reviewing the infamous NYX round lipstick.. My favourite lipstick so far..

- It's cheap! (See,, how cheapwhore I am..)
- They comes in a looooot of shade.. Make you wanna buy all of them..
- Pigmentation is great
- The texture is great too, creamy n easy to blend
- Moist, didn't make my lips dry

- Staying power is suck.. Huff..
Does anyone know how to make this lipstick stay longer?

This is some swatch of my round lipstick..

I'm soo into this lipstick.. If you ask me which one is my favourite, I thinks it's mars.. Mars give me MLBB look.. And I love it.. Sometimes I mixed some shade to get another look..
I still wanna buy some shades of this.. Some in my wishlist are heredes, lala, fig, indian pink, vitamin, femme, b52, pumpkin pie, etc.. See,, it's cheap n makes you wanna buy all of them.. LOL..

Recomended? Of course yes!
Repurchase? Absolutely..
Rate: 4/5

Review: Everyday Minerals Blushes

Do you like mineral blusher?
I'm quite like mineral blusher myself. Why? Because they sell their blushes in sample size.. So, you can try a lot of blushes shade before decide to bought the fullsize.. *licik* And so far, I didn't buy the fullsize yet bcoz none of the sample has gone yet.. MySpace

These are some Everyday Minerals blushes sample that i have (all matte).. Sorry,, but i'm suck when describing blush colour.. So,, I'm not going to desribe it.. MySpace

And here is the swatches..

- They are cheap.. *I'm such a cheapskate LOL*
- They came in a lot of shades

- Pigmentation is so-so. But actually i like it coz i don't like wearing blush too much..
- Staying power is suck
- They come in powder.. It's not practical when you bring them travelling esp with the sample jar which doesn't have rotating shifter.

My favourite is soft touch (pink), summer stroll (orange), and tea time (i don't exactly know what colour it is, but it looks brownish in jar).. But if you ask me which ONE is my favourite.. I'l choose tea time bcoz this blush make my cheeks looks glow like in this picture (just my opinion LOL)..

ohhh nooo, this picture become pale when uploaded via blogger.. didn't look glow at all.. maybe next time i'll change the picture.. *if I'm not lazy LOL*

FOTD: Green Smokey

Minggu lalu beberapa temen aku wisuda.. Dan mereka minta aku dateng buat foto2 bareng.. So,, here is my FOTD for my friends' graduation photoshoot.. MySpace
Just simple green smokey.. Blom terlalu bisa maenin warna eyeshadow nih.. But i'll keep tryin.. MySpace

- Monistat chaving relief gel for primer
- TSF aloe bb cream
- EDM kaolin powder soft bronze
- EDM base in medium beige matte
- Pure luxe silica powder
- PAC two way cake in porcelain

- EDM cheek in summer stroll
- Bourjois blush in ambre d'or
- NYX mosaic powder blush in latte for contouring
- EDM lucent face in pearl pick me up for highlighting

- Lip smacker in A&W
- Revlon superlustrous in almost nude
- Sariayu lipstick in toba 2

*sorry, pas foto eyeshadownya uda crease.. :p*

- La tulipe eyeshadow base
- Green colour from 120 palette no brand
- Black and nude colour from NYX runaway palette in jazz night
- White colour from Odesa duo eyeshadow
- TSF choco jam liner in black
- CG lashblast waterproof mascara in very black
- Viva eyebrow pencil in black

And here is our picture.. Congrats to you all girls.. MySpace

May 16, 2010

FOTD: Peacock - Playing with Sariayu Eyeshadow Palette

Ceritanya nihh,, semalem ak kebangun sekitar jam 23.30 dan ga bisa tidur lagi.. Akhirnya iseng2 ngelenong deh.. *kurang kerjaan bgt ya.. MySpace*
Dan kali ini temanya adalah PEACOCK, karena ak pake sariayu eyeshadow palette seri MERAK KASMARAN..MySpace
So,, ga usah banyak cingconglah ya.. Here it is..

- Monistat chaving relief powder-gel for primer
- TSF aloe bb cream for undereye conceal
- Pure Luxe Silica Powder
- Meow flawless feline in naughty siamese
- Palgantong theatrical powder
- PAC two way cake in porcelain

- EDM blush in bestfriend
- NYX mozaic powder blush in latte for contouring
- EDM lucent face in pearl pick me out for highlight

*heart this combo colour so much MySpace*

- Lip smacker in A&W
- NYX round lipstick in tea
- NYX round lipstick in doll

*yang ini kinclong neik fotonya soalnya pake flash -.-"*

- La tulipe eyeshadow base
- Sariayu eyeshadow palette in merak kasmaran
- Sariayu eyeshadow palette in nias
- TSF choco jam liner in dip black
- CG lashblast waterproof mascara in very black
- Viva eyebrow pencil
- Falsies

Dan setelah sesi foto2 selesai,, dengan suksesnya lenongan ini dihapus.. Sayang bgt yah.. MySpace
Oke,, that's all.. What do you think gals?

Haul: Mei 2010

Aduhhh,, terjangkit virus males posting niihhh.. Padahal sebenernya ada beberapa review yang mau aku post,, gambar uda siap,, tapi males nulis... Bad girl.. MySpace

Oke deh,, sementara mau pamer haul2an dulu..

Pic 1. Pure Luxe Silica Powder from mini beauty sale in FD

Pic 2. Various Haul from local cosmetic store
- Sariayu loose powder in kuning langsat
- Sariayu lipstick in toba 2
- Elise falsies
- Purederm collagen eye mask
- Kai naturgo mask

Pic 3. Haul from Creamymilk
- MAD indelible gelliner in peacock
- MAD indelible gelliner in scuba dive
- MAD indelible gelliner in tanzanite
- EDM flat top brush

May 13, 2010

Haul: Everyday Minerals

Yippiee.. I feel so happy a few days lately.. Haulku mulai berdatangan satu per satu.. Masih kurang 2 paket lagi sih.. Satu paket kayanya bakal dateng besok, soalnya uda dikirim dr jakarta dari kapan hari.. *ohyeah,, ga tiki ga jne sekarang sama lemotnya.. masa paketku dr jkt pada nyampenya 5-6 harian.. padahal jne biasanya cukup 2 hari n tiki 3-4 hari aja uda nyampe.. sebel.. MySpace*
Yang satu lagi kata sellernya masi ketahan di bea cukai.. *lama bgt sih buuu,, customernya uda pada ngomel2 nih -- serius,, bukan ak doank yang ngomel ko.. MySpace *

Cukup lama juga ni paket nyampe ke tangan ak.. Padahal paket ini uda diorder sama sellernya dari akhir maret.. Cuma katanya ada masalah sama orang yang ditransitin paket ini sebelum dikirim ke Indo (EDM ga mau shipping ke Indo).. Jadi kira2 satu setengah bulan baru nyampe ke tanganku.. Lambretta juga bo'.. MySpace

Orderan ak ini terdiri dari:
- EDM base in medium beige matte
- EDM kaolin powder soft bronze
- EDM try me blush kit in pink matte blush (soft touch, best friend, plum dust)

Dan ternyata fullsizenya base edm ini cuma 5,5 gram n kaolinnya cuma 5 gram.. Dikit yah ternyata.. Bayanganku isinya sekitar 8 gram gt soalnya dulu pernah baca di suatu blog kalo isinya 8 gram (tapi gatau deh dia beli jaman kapan MySpace)

Daaan setelah dibuka ternyata jarnya sekarang pake rotating shifter.. yeeyyyy.. MySpaceIt means,, jarnya bisa dibawa2 tanpa takut pada tumpah powdernya... Ak belom pernah beli edm fullsize sih sebelumnya,, tapi setau ak dari foto2 di blog sih dulu edm fullsize ga ada rotating shifternya.. Ga tau juga deh packaging dengan rotating shifter ini uda lama ato barusan ada..

Okeyy,, buat swatch blush2nya nanti menyusul yah sekalian sama blush2 edm lain yang ak punya..

Sayonara.. MySpace


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