May 25, 2010

Review: Everyday Minerals Blushes

Do you like mineral blusher?
I'm quite like mineral blusher myself. Why? Because they sell their blushes in sample size.. So, you can try a lot of blushes shade before decide to bought the fullsize.. *licik* And so far, I didn't buy the fullsize yet bcoz none of the sample has gone yet.. MySpace

These are some Everyday Minerals blushes sample that i have (all matte).. Sorry,, but i'm suck when describing blush colour.. So,, I'm not going to desribe it.. MySpace

And here is the swatches..

- They are cheap.. *I'm such a cheapskate LOL*
- They came in a lot of shades

- Pigmentation is so-so. But actually i like it coz i don't like wearing blush too much..
- Staying power is suck
- They come in powder.. It's not practical when you bring them travelling esp with the sample jar which doesn't have rotating shifter.

My favourite is soft touch (pink), summer stroll (orange), and tea time (i don't exactly know what colour it is, but it looks brownish in jar).. But if you ask me which ONE is my favourite.. I'l choose tea time bcoz this blush make my cheeks looks glow like in this picture (just my opinion LOL)..

ohhh nooo, this picture become pale when uploaded via blogger.. didn't look glow at all.. maybe next time i'll change the picture.. *if I'm not lazy LOL*

2 comment:

dsy said...

I always wanna try EM, but too many to choose.. makes me dizzy.. :p
maybe I should try buying small sizes first, from all available :D
Tea Time does look lovely on your cheeks!

liloo said...

Thx for this review xoxo


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