Apr 19, 2010


Hi all..
Did u ever visit LOOKLET ?? Pretty fun isn't it?

FYI, looklet is a kind of digital studio where you can create a look and mix and match a virtual model with a lot of branded wardrobes.
Seriously,, its fun..!! Feel like we are in the middle of a huge departement store where we can pick up some clothes we like,, try in,, and then do some mix n match..
You have to create an account first if you want to create a look.. Then your looks will be shown at your own page..

Here,, I wanna show you some of mine..

How guys.. Don't you interest to make some looks too? Then, visit looklet and make your own looks.. Don't forget to visit my page here n follow me.. Okey..

*Note: I was wondering.. If there any digital studio like this where we can make up some virtual model too, that's gonna be very fun right?

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